Miles Davis and John Coltrane's 'Final Tour'

live box set a fascinating musical clash of the titans. A literal storm was brewing when Miles Davis performed a pair of remarkable San Diego shows on the same night at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay in April 1985.

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Jazz Today:

A great art form should invite brilliance from every corner of a culture. Excluding half the population for no good reason would choke half the creativity from literature or painting or music, would it not?  But jazz hasn’t been particularly welcoming to half of the population for the great bulk of its history, as events in 2017 started to expose. Women are speaking up (again) about the ways, explicit and otherwise, they have been excluded, abused, or discouraged. The historic stories of brilliant musicians like Melba Liston

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Musicians From Here Playing Music From There

For this New Sounds, hear music that comes from here, but looks over there. It could be Arab music, Indonesian music, Moroccan music, Balkan music, or Ethiopian music, but it’s all music by Americans recreating sounds from elsewhere.

Listen to music by the Anbessa Orchestra, who are Israeli musicians based in Brooklyn (and now L.A.) who are fans of the “golden age” of Ethiopian music. From their most recent record, Negestat, which means Kings in Amharic, hear the Ethio-groove laden title track. 

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